What do you do when you have a free flat/house?

Both of my flatmates are on tour with their respective music concerns this weekend and I’m not really sure what the protocol is. It feels weird.
What do you do?

Lounge around
Have people over
Take loads of time making food
Be a bit messy etc

i live alone.

like a grown up.


Whatever the fuck I want. More or less the same as when I’m not on my own, tbh, but with more takeaway.

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FIFA, curry & a wank on the sofa

Reckon living with 1 or 2 close mates is far preferable tbh

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My chocolate eclair consumption goes through the roof.

Crusty sofa… lovely

Oddly, for the first time this year I sort of have one. Well my son will be here. So I guess I will watch TV quietly and have a smoke and maybe eat a bit more than usual and be in bed before midnight. WOOHOO!

Video games, or long bath with whisky and a good TV series.

Thought my oxford comma would dissuade shit like this, but no :frowning:
(where bounce u going in Sheffield, hun)

Just generally live like a disgusting pig. Stay in bed all day, eat greasy food etc.

(I live alone the vast majority of the time fyi)

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Yeah alright and a fucking wank too. Happy now?

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Didn’t even put in the oxford comma I’d planned, what a cunt

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Serve a range of ales not dictated to me by a pubco.


toss up, eh. it’s more boring all of the time but a lot less annoying some of the time.

Shared meals/bills/chores makes life a lot easier if you’re living with people who give a damn too

Fuzzy Dunlop to thread

shared meals never work
chores always ends up with one person doing more work and getting fucked off

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Seeing my mate who lives near Bolehills. Gonna go for a walk in the peak district assuming the weather holds, play some board games, and drink some alcohols. Climbed at Curbar last weekend as well. Love the peak district.