What do you do with... [Household Miscellany]

I like fairy lights a lot but the light from them isn’t very useful and when I’ve had them up previously I never bothered putting them on



Ohhhhhh yes! I knew they were familiar-looking but couldn’t place it.

Don’t think we’ve ever treated ourselves to Gü

I don’t know why you’d keep goo in them but whatever floats yr boat laels

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Put them in the cupboard next to the tuperware for …future use

They’d be so useful if they had a flat bottom and didn’t have a lipped rim.

I do use them for oil when I’m making parathas though


not enough imho

What happened to all the lids?

how many candles in your living/bedroom rn?

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0 in house / outbuildings

Recycled, they’re just foil

Wow, I really know nothing about these little glass ramekens. Ramakans. Rammikins. CAn’t even spell it lol wot am i like xoxox

-handy for placing eggs into boiling water for poaching
-handy for spice prep
-can make mini cheesecakes/muffins in them

i enjoy pronouncing the company as

  • goo
  • g-uh
  • joo
  • j-uh

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hmm, that third option is more offensive than i first thought, so apologies for that sincerely

@wasted, see?

They’re all stacked in the cupboard. Occasionally, they are filled with posset or creme brulee.

Putting little screws and stuff in when I’m fixing bikes


ashtrays too. dunno what they were for originally.

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