What do you drink with a curry?


Let’s have it out then, once and for all

  • Lager
  • Red Wine
  • Milk
  • Lassi
  • Water
  • Soft Drink
  • Other (specify)

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Had a Guinness with one once and got so much stick for it that I’ve never dared do it again.




you have good friends


Had to google Lassi. Says it’s got cumin. Ew no thanks :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Depends if I’m thirsty at the time. Lager’s the worst though.



does lager really compliment a curry? I don’t drink beer though. I just imagine people drink beer with it because it’s beer, not because it goes well with curry


It was mostly from the waiter.




shut it milky!


I voted for water, but sometimes a lager.

Really I want my belly to be full of curry though, not drink.


@aboynamedgoo is a big posey liar as I have been for at least three curries with him and he’s never had Lassi once


ahahah BUSTED

EDIT: look here’s a screenshot to prove the reply function is broken (my post doesn’t show it’s a reply, but the editing clearly does, @1101010):


I’ve been for more than 3 curries in my life.


Should be a multi-answer poll really. I refuse to join in with this absolutism.


Probably the most dishonest man with that surname ever in this country


Depends. Your Cobras and Kingfishers which are made with rice adjunct and slightly sweet are a good compliment for spicy food.


yeah I’m abstaining from the poll and going with ‘depends’ as well