What do you drink with a curry?


alright Captain Masala, no need to show off


If there’s ever been any cumin in a lassi I’ve had, I’ve never noticed.


What’s that Lassie? Show us on the toy where @foppyish touched you :point_right::poodle:


Can’t be your default though, surely, Also I havew a feeling it’s been more like 5+




Do you keep a spreadsheet of curries with adybongo, Memory Man?


C’mon, spicy curry/cold beer is one of the all time great taste combos.


Always find I have a worse stomach the next day if I’ve drank lager with a curry


I think I’d remember any time I went with someone and they ordered a lassi tbh


(and obviously I don’t as I would say ‘I have a feeling it’s been more like 5+’ because I would know.)


anyone getting anywhere deciphering this?


I had to google it. Looks like a milkshake tbh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lassi


well he asked if I had a spreadsheet. My point was if I did, I could say that with certainty.


Just a little needlessly defensive, maybe? Although I quite like that you took an obvious jokey comment seriously enough to post two replies to it.


Because of Cows’ sacred status in indian society, this might be the first authentic beeve curry I’ve seen


Don’t know how ‘explaining a comment’ became ‘taking you seriously’ tbh

You being weird again?


I’ve ticked “lager” but

  • I’ve been known to drink white wine with a curry (if I’m sharing a bottle with Mrs CCB)
  • Water is fine if I’m not drinking.

Can’t imagine ordering milk in a public place, or ever pouring myself a glass to eat with a curry at home.


I referred to these two posts

and the second one being the needlessly defensive clarification.


Different drinks for different needs


it was meant to be a joke in a response to what I thought was a shit joke?