What do you eat when it gets warm?

I go a bit mad for South-East Asian style salads - mint and coriander and lime and chilli and fish sauce and that. Few years back during a hot spell I went a bit mad for Greek salad too.


I go totally rogue and it’s actually my favourite time to eat porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch.

In fact I don’t eat those things any other time of year.

I’d be so interested to see the economy of salad in hot weather. I spent 13 quid in the grocer’s earlier. Got myself straws, peppers, Italian salad greens, mushies, rambutan, cucumbers, limes the works!!

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same thing I eat every day basically

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Barbecues. Lots of barbecues.

Cold meats, cheese and bread.

Crab linguine with chilli and lime.


At the moment? Due to finances its usually a bowl of room temp beans for a snack and some basic stilton vased cheese sauce with pasta n spinach yo

Marry me

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pizza is usually warm when it comes out the oven


Been having harrisa, honey and lime marinated halloumi with salad and cous cous a lot recently.

And pasta primavera (broad beans, peas, asparagus, leeks with tagliatelle and creme fraiche)


Do love a barbecue but we so rarely have enough people round to make it worthwhile and eating three burgers and a couple of chicken drumsticks by yourself is apparently frowned upon in these parts.

Crab linguine sounds proper though.

Filing this away for future reference, both of these sound banging.

Made a banging Greek salad last week with tofu feta. Reckon I’ll eat that every day this summer.

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The halloumi is so easy. Wrap the halloumi in foil and place on a tray. Make the marinade (juice of a lime, 2 tbsp of honey, 2 tbsp of harrisa mixed together) and poured over the halloumi. Place in the oven for 30mins done. Part of this which sounds great

The primavera pasta is this and it’s lovely


It’s spot on, have done it with prawns or halloumi too. Would probably work just loaded with veg as well tbh.

Really quick and easy to make as well.

Couple of cloves of garlic, couple of chillis, (bit of sweetcorn or something as well for padding) cook that in 150ml of stock and lime juice for a few minutes. Bit of parsley and black pepper. Toss the pasta into it, chuck yer crab meat in. Done.


Generally speaking I wait for a lot of foods to get warm before I eat them. It’s called “cooking”.


FWIW, tonight was pork larb - fried minced pork, onion and peppers with the aforementioned chilli, lime, fish sauce, mint, coriander and that. Wrap it in a lettuce leaf and it’s really really good. There’s leftovers that will go in a baguette tomorrow and pretend to be a banh mi.

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Whatever I fucking want, generally.

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Ice cream :eyes:

Despising salad leaves, raw tomato and cucumber (among many other things of a summery nature) is kind of a nightmare when it’s hot - I just end up eating the same hot food I eat all year round. I know a few salady dishes but get easily bored of them. Lettuce is fucking rank too.

Barbecues are so overrated although I won’t say no to them. Usually feels like an excuse for men to feel manly.


Yeah this. I don’t like salad foods so don’t really change much for the summer months.