What do you generally do after work?


Seem to be stuck in a boring but not completely unpleasant routine of getting home, putting my SLACKS on, having tea, watching telly for about about three hours and going to bed. My day effectively ends when i finish work and the hours that follow are merely recovery and preperation for the next. Maybe that’s life, idk. Productive stuff feels like more work.



Try and go for a run a couple of nights, telly and playstation (if I’m lucky) other than that though innit.


usually grab a beer or something with someone/go to the gym, then come home and prepare shit for the next day and stick something on the tv.


Jiu-jitsu about three evenings a week, going to start swimming once a week, gigs (quite rarely these days tbf), netflix, board games and the cinema.


play footie a couple nights a week. other than that, pretty much the same as you man

might join a class, or something


run or gym
work on music or films
play zelda
go to the pub


Generally go home, listen to music, play whatever game I’m playing for an hour or two, watch some Netflix or YouTube and sleep. I’m a boring Fuck but I don’t care as I’ve never felt so well adjusted ^.^


Yeah same really. If we class putting the little one to bed at 7 as my getting home from work, I usually just collapse on the sofa and really just take in the beautiful moment of not having to be on alert, looking after another person. Then I force myself to get up and tidy up a bit, then I collapse again and on a good day we watch something on Netflix but normally my other half watches some shit like can’t pay we’ll take it away and I piss around in my phone.


Yeah, have just put on my trackies and am about to settle in to my evening routine of sitting around listening to some music, making some food and then watching Netflix / a film. It’s pretty much this other than the week after pay day where I’ll go and spend too much money at the pub.

Am planning on getting a gym membership and doing some swimming or something but haven’t got round to that yet.


Stick me trackies on
Have us tea.
Stick telly on.
Maybe have a beer.
Maybe have a bath.
Go to bed somewhere between 10.30 and 11.

If we’re gonna go out for a meal or something, it’s gotta be decided within 10-15 mins of getting home. Once I’m settled and into my comfy clothes, that’s it for the night


Have me tea, do some housework then read or watch telly generally. Used to go to the pub midweek to watch the Champions League games, but they haven’t got BT Sport so that’s gone out the window now. Cinema or a gig occasionally, but a lot less often than I used to tbh.


Run home a couple of night a week, when I’ll usually have dinner, shower, then fire off a few e-mails or work on private jobs.

Other nights I might go to hockey training, gigs, cinema or the theatre.


Yeah it’s not worth it


mainly sit on my bum. i’m sure i used to go out and stuff after work. fuck that


It depends, really.

Most nights we’ll have dinner with the girls, then maybe read some books with them or do jobs while they play. They go to bed at 7- story then bed.

In the evening itself:

  • sometimes we’ll do nothing other than watching some TV, getting a few jobs done etc. Maybe I’ll play a game of Scrabble on my phone while Mrs CCB reads a magazine or a book.
  • sometimes we’ll have friends round for dinner or just a cuppa and a chat.
  • sometimes I’ll do a proper meal for Mrs CCB rather than eating with the girls.
  • I’m in bands on and off so sometimes I’ll be out at a practice.

I don’t get people who manage to be busy every weeknight. I feel that I need at least two evenings a week where I do nothing but lounge about.


work in front of the tv
play fifa
watch crap on netflix




cycling, cinema, running, gig, swimming, watch a freebie recording of something for radio or tv, community council or local political party branch meeting, life admin shite… or, yeah, telly.


This week -
Monday - went to a gig
Tuesday - residents committee meeting
Wednesday - telly
Thursday - long run
Friday - ?


spend between 75-90 mins getting home, hopefully in time for kids bedtime but that’s rare. after bedtime have some food and it’s normally getting towards 8 so there might be something we both watch before the missus goes to bed and then i’ll stay up a bit before going to bed/doing the evening shift with the baby. i really need some mid-week footy to break up the week