What do you guys think of Cat Empire?


I love the wine song!

it’s a jaunty drinking tune! Great to dance around your kitchen spilling beer everywhere.



Too many bands with “Cat” in the band name these days, so I will not listen. See also all bands with the word “Beach” in their name.


Maybe give “Feline Shore” a listen then


I’ve only ever heard about this band from various friends of mine who got into them after travelling around Australia and South-East Asia, so I’ve naturally avoided them like the plague.


Reckon there’s a major crossover between fans of these and people who dress up to go to electro swing nights


I wish I could, but I’ve made my bed and now I must lie in it. A bed without cats, or beaches. Which is for the best given my history of allergies.


Haha! They are an Aussie band but can’t fault your logic there.