What do you hate more?

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve

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Obviously Halloween cause Christmas is great and New Year’s Eve can be great as long as you don’t go anywhere near any city centre


NYE is quite shit but at least there’s no fucking fancy dress.

As above, NYE is really what you make of it, there’s no obligation to suffer all the long-held complaints - shit fireworks, overpriced clubs, endless taxi rides home etc. Just have some mates round and have some drinks, whatever, it’s just an excuse for party with a day off the next day.

Halloween is bullshit though, just an excuse for kids to be wankers and adults to be even bigger wankers.

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Halloween for 3 reasons:
A. It is an American thing that should have remained there
2. It turns Bonfire Night into an also-ran
D. It turns my birthday into an also-ran

All excellent choices, tbf, but I’ve gone with Christmas because it’s much easier to ignore/opt out of the other two, but good fucking luck avoiding Christmas.

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Feel really sorry for people who can’t enjoy Christmas :cry:


I just try to focus on the one upside: an abundance of sprouts.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a reason.

I like all of them. Haven’t had a bad time at any of them in years.

bonfire is NOT an also-ran

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It requires having mates who aren’t shit/living far away/busy though. Halloween’s quite easy to sit out, but sitting out NYE - because your only other option is a house party where your friend has invited loads of diabolically boring hardcore Christians - is a very lonely business. (This is going to be me this year.) Admittedly sitting out Christmas would be worse, but Christmas is just great so whatever.


It’s looking like I should get @ttf round to mine for Christmas to compare Bass VIs.

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I guess NYE has more “pressure” to have fun, but the next day is a bank holiday, so it’s better than Halloween in my eyes.

Halloween is my favourite time of the year. The other two can get to fuck, but I particularly hate Christmas…

new years eve - fuck off

they’re all fine, it’s other people’s behaviour during those times that can be the problem


I’m not NYE’s biggest fan - but it would be nice to at least have the option of a house party not to go to or whatever

You can come to our NYE party. Last year there were only three people there who weren’t E’d up to the gills!