What do you hate more?

you suggestin i’m some sort of pill popping maniac?! :slight_smile:

can’t this/like this enough^

New Year is a pain - where do you go, what do you do, expensive etc. But you get pissed and have a day off the next day. Christmas is a pain as it is busy before, expensive and takes a lot of organising. But then you get a day of crap telly, drinking and several days off. Halloween is just shit. Fancy dress - nope. Kids turning up wanting sweets with the threat of eggs - cunts, zombie bullshit - everywhere, it has also taken over Bonfire Night now, the pricks.

Emm… You can be one of the people not on pills along with me. I went to see a late screening of Star Wars before the party last year and by the time I turned up everyone was wasted. I tried to get really drunk to compensate but that didn’t work.

sorry about that

“No Popery”.

It’s all a bit weird isn’t it?

now a screening of star wars before would be great, then a fuck tonne of drugs and hang out with my irish brethren…sounds great :slight_smile:
jumps on google, looks for flights :wink:

*no potpourri


‘Rogue One’ is out, there’ll definitely be a big party somewhere. Thinks back over the last few NYE parties. Oh shit, it’s our turn! Get your flights now!

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I would have picked Halloween but that Release the Bats show with Shellac all dressed up was so good while NYE is always disappointing on one level or another

Bloody love both Halloween and Christmas. Not super fussed about NYE other than the fireworks, but I’m not a hater

yes it is! only one of the 6 societies still does the no popery stuff - it kind of got phased out i think - and because of this they are not allowed on the main route with the other guys (i think)

it is quite a strange event, and some of it is obviously pretty dodgy (the zulu stuff is really not on at all) - but overall i think it does a lot of good in the town

christmas is good
never enjoyed NYE that much but can see why it would appeal to people with nice happy lives
halloween’s fine

Just sit at home with a nice bottle of wine and watch the Hootenanny! And think about what you’ll do with your day off.

You people are suckers for peer pressure, honestly.

People Aged 16-25 hate New Year
People Aged 27-35 hate Halloween
People Aged 40+ hate Christmas

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Save it for Christmas Day, pal.

People aged 26 live in this weird limbo world with the 36-39 year olds and hate Easter.

that’s not limbo it’s the glory years where everything’s rosy Oct-Jan

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Even through DOUBLE WINTER???

Story checks out - I’m in there and I do like all of them these days.