What do you have on your jacket potato?

You stick to the classics or got a wacky concoction for us?

Sweet jacket potato topped with hummus, harissa and feta :yum: it’s so good I genuinely can’t believe it

Homemade hummus makes it feel even more special.


Baked beans, shit loads of cheddar, black pepper, and maybe some worcestershire sauce if I’m feeling special


tuna mayo
& black pepper



Not sure I’ve had once since giving up the flesh of god’s beautiful creatures. Used to love a tuna mayo baked potato. Beans wouldn’t be the same.

Baked sweet potato, leftover curry on top.


Butter, extra mature cheddar with either baked beans, tuna mayo or chilli.

Bacon, butter, cheese, chive

This is a pro gamer move

They stopped doing the British section in my closest supermarket so harder to get beans now. If not that then I do pasta, cheese, iceberg lettuce, and a load of salad cream.

jacket potato, roasted in the oven with oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Filled with tuna Mayo (light on the mayonnaise, heavy on the pepper) with a nice mature cheddar grated on top.

Going to give @TheBarbieMovie2023 ’s ago though. Sounds absolutely banging.

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I like mine with beans, cheese, and coleslaw, maybe a bit of chilli jam on there

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Everyone I live with hates tinned tuna, so I never buy it. This means if we’re out somewhere for a low-key lunch, usually at a National Trust property or similar, I will treat myself to a tuna mayo baked potato.

Really like a jacket with sour cream on the side of a steak, but I’ve probably only had this about twice ever.

Coronation chicken

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Over lockdown we had jacket potatoes once a week for lunch. Was always a combination of beans, cheddar, stilton and coleslaw (though not all on the same part of the jacket). Cut the jacket into four first, and make a small incision in each quarter to be filled with butter first.

Quite like a jacket potato with chilli too, though.


Ideally, chilli con carne and lots of cheese.

Cheese and either beans or tuna. Usually beans.

Exactly the same as this except I mix the cheese up with the tuna, mayo & pepper before it goes on top.

Also sometimes hoops with the little sausages.

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Cheese and butter.

However, on holiday I made some on the campfire and ended up just using whatever decadent holiday foods we had in the fridge. Big dollops of a really good smoked salmon pate then a few wedges of brie and omg, it was so so fit I nearly cried.

Just butter and peas, with a little salt.