What do you have your pasta with

Is there anything else on the menu, please?

don’t really eat pasta

Sometimes (if you want) you can have ravioli with a “sage” butter

(That means the butter is wise)

  • bow tie pasta
  • spaghetti
  • thick, slightly textured premium spaghetti
  • tubes
  • shells
  • tagliatele
  • stuffed pasta (tortellini, ravioli etc)

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Pasta with butter is good if you grate in some parmesan

Other good sauces

Salami and fennel
Pesto made with basil, pistachios, lemon and garlic


In Soviet Russia, pasta eat you!

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Also just chilli, olive oil and flat leaf parsley is good


Anything that can act as a sauce repository. Got no time at all for your spaghettis and your angels hairs. Waste of my time.


Ugh missed off cheese. Often also have just cheese.

This is slightly ssp and off topic but does anyone think there’s a correlation between the autistic spectrum and slightly ‘odd’ food choices/partnerships?


how can you make me choose just one?!

have their place if you want to wrap loads of it up on a fork and cram it in your mouth.

but yes, I agree, and for this reason, the bow ties are champ.

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I’m saying other but its butter really…butter with melted anchovies, so fishy butter? With broccolli and cheese.

Had some tagliatelle the other night (probably about 14 days ago)

no one ever buys tagliatelle on purpose. always mistaken for spaghetti, and then eaten anyway.

Jesus fishy Christ



I do one with butter, anchovies and brocilli (it’s a Jamie Oliver one)

It’s well nice

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I bought it deliberately. It came in a box.

I would argue that you may be referring to “linguine” but also linguine is better than spaghetti (which is quite a bad shape)

Nothing man, arrabiata with you?


i think i know what i was referring to, thank you very much.