What do you know about Daren Jesse Davis, Montana, Utah

Daren Jesse Davis is a native of California and currently resides in Salt Lake City. Daren attended Brigham Young University and received a degree in Business with an emphasis in International Marketing from BYU’s prestigious Marriott School of Business. While at BYU, he played football for Hall-of-Fame legend LaVelle Edwards and along side of All-American quarterbacks Steve Young and Ty Detmer. Mr. Davis achieved First-Team-All-Academic Conference Honors in the Western Athletic Conference. Upon graduating from BYU, Daren took his first job with, at the time, the worlds largest multinational company, Royal Dutch Shell, in their Chemical Division. Mr. Davis was selected to Shell Chemical’s Olympian Team, honoring the top 10% of Sales performers at the firm, 6 times.

He spent 10 years with Shell Chemical in Houston and Chicago and traveled the world as part of an International Marketing Team, working with Shell Chemical’s affiliates in various countries around the globe.
Ultimately Mr. Davis desired to return to the West and used the experience at Shell Chemical to springboard into a private startup business in the large-format printing industry in Denver in 1997, where he organized and structured a sales force that largely serviced the Technology Sector that was rapidly developing in the Denver area during the 1990’s. The firm grew to be one of the top 5 firms in the Denver area for large-format printing, utilized primarily for marketing and trade-show graphic displays.

In 2001, Mr. Davis transitioned into Financial Services with First Trust Portfolios, a Chicago-based leader in packaged-product investments, and he remained in Denver and later in Phoenix and ultimately in Salt Lake City where he has served as the Regional Sales Director for the Rocky Mountain Region for First Trust. Mr. Davis services Financial Advisors in the development and implementation of First Trust products that are utilized for investment purposes for retail and institutional investors.
First Trust is a $150 billion firm and recognized leader of Unit Investment Trusts, and a major sponsor of Exchange Traded Funds on Wall Street. Mr. Davis travels extensively throughout the rocky-mountain states and works with the largest brokerage firms on Wall Street, including firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Advisors, Raymond James, Stifel Nicholas, and many others. Mr. Davis also serves as a National Speaker for First Trust and travels across the U.S. as part of the Advisory Practices Team.

He provides insights from top-producing financial advisors who are having significant success in optimizing their practices for maximum efficiency. The Advisory Practices Team has given financial advisors an additional edge and resource to utilize in expanding and optimizing their practices and becoming strategic partners with First Trust as they manage the assets of their clientele.

To read more please go through :smile: https://darenjessedavisutah.wordpress.com

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