What do you know only due to British and Irish Film and TV?

What do you know only due to British and Irish Film?

Your greatest secret agent lives in a red pillar box.


Or as we call them, a post box. :smiley:

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I was going off the description on the back of the VHS box! :smiley:
(I do know it’s a post box and I think many Americans know what a police box is, too!)

I mean if there wasn’t an awful fucking TERF in that video I might be cool with watching it again…

Oh yeah fair enough. I mean it’s a very accurate description I just mean that because that’s basically all of them in the country we don’t need to specify.

One annoying thing is that there are quite a few from older time periods, which you can tell due to the fact instead of E ii R on the front they’ll have G vi R etc. for the King of the time, and this can mean they have smaller slots thus making it impossible to post certain stuff through them.

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That’s Gra h*m Lin*h*n on the right. (Asterisking etc because I don’t know if he Googles himself.)

Yeah this still might be a bit triggering for our trans/nb friends?