What do you like to do in the 2 minutes it takes your induction hob to boil water on the P setting?



for me it’s about enough time to let the cat out and then let her back in again.


Probably wander through the flat with the intention of doing something, then realise I’ve forgotten what it was, stand on the spot for a little while wondering if maybe my memory’s getting worse, then go back to the kitchen.


crack open a beer, have a few sips, look out at the garden and think “yeah i probably should mow the lawn”


so the same as my cat then, good.


Get my phone out and see if I have any DiS notifications


There’s one


water’s ready


Put my kettle on and let them race


check in on what’s happening with my pals in the conservative party? I dunno


Probably burn down an acre of old growth forest because that’s the equivalent of using the P setting on your hob you monsters :+1:


As if you are not all bashing one out with your spare two minutes you proven compulsive masturbators.


have a big old wank


I could probably do a poo in that time


sounds like a waste of a poo, to me.


I tend to do many small poos rather than one big poo


Probably prepare some other ingredients for my meal. If it’s on one of the days I’m not just having boiled water for dinner of course.


I’ve heard this is a healthy option. doesn’t work for me, I imagine the kitchen would have filled with steam were i to try.


I was literally just boiling the water to show off, tbh.


Yeah when I get bored I’ll just boil some water for a bit


honestly, the minutes just fly by. both of them.