What do you make of this Spotify AI DJ thing?

Can’t decide if I hate it, fear it or it’s kinda quaint

Sounds like it might speed up some of the conversations about whether music streaming is “like radio” and should pay songwriters an equal share (ie when someone does a cover the record label often gets more than the writer of the original song)

I can’t imagine ever using this feature.


I wish I could go back in time and say to myself as a child, “in the future we’ll have robot DJs!”

And then wipe the smile off my young face by adding, “they’ll be unbelievably fucking boring.”


Isnt AI

You Can’t Call Me Al


To add a bit - I think the tech is probably pretty impressive but the use case is all directed at people who let the Spotify algorithm pick their music for them. I wonder what percentage of their users are actually using Spotify like that, as opposed to people who open Spotify to listen to something specific they have in mind. Maybe it’s a surprisingly large percentage idk :person_shrugging:

i have been thinking this is a great idea for years. some won’t like it, but we are only a short while away from the death of the album as a concept (if we aren’t already there in popular music).

like, the recent Taylor Swift record has a 44 minute version… but the “real” one is 69 minutes long. Drake too, certified lover boy is 86 minutes long!

Don’t even know what this is and I hate it.

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Yeah, my issue with this is that the underlying algorithm is pretty useless for me. A layer of AI garnish isn’t going to change that.


Spotify, AI and DJ in one description. I think i’ve just been sick in my mouth.


The technology looks cool.
Personally, I can’t imagine ever using it my life.

I’m sorry, I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to care about this and I just simply cannot.


I can imagine a certain kind of person really loving it… and ironically it exposing them to radio, leading them to seek out actual radio with humans

Ain’t AI?

surely authenticity of expertise is the reason people put up with cunts on the radio talking shite? this thing absolutely shatters that illusion.

puts me in mind of an ex 2fm DJ paying tribute to Dave Fanning as he stepped away from his show at the weekend: “a monkey could do our job”

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Have just started a new job and they have Virgin Radio on all day - most shows don’t even have a host from what I can tell. Don’t see how this is any worse. But yes, might nudge people towards something else I suppose!

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Christ, Byrne was such a gowl.

I didn’t like Fanning but you could tell he knew his stuff and enjoyed music. Same with John Kelly and Cian O’Ciobhain in terms of Irish DJs. I still listen to the latter two even though I’ve binned off all other radio.

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6 months later: ‘Regretfully the AI was trained on the Chris Moyles Breakfast show on Radio 1 from 2005 - 2012’


[cough] You could listen to Spotify’s AI DJ… or you could listen to voice notes from me introducing this station for Pandora https://pandora.app.link/vCFuOzwCtxb (you might need a VPN if you’re in the UK etc)