What do you make of this then?

posted as I know most dissers are big fans of train-based confrontations

Ruffly-Wuffly posted this in a no-chat polls thread the other day and I suggested he opened a new thread for it, see what happens @Ruffers? Someone else is gonna get big numbers for this now that you could have had.

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Unfortunately big reply threads are as unfulfilling as literally everything else about my life right now. Just waiting for my brain to be able to go to sleep at the moment tbh.

Hmm I should’ve kept this a bit lighter sorry Ant.

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As a parent I believe children and their parents must be given priority and allowed to sit where they want

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To woman next to her is a MAJOR spanner.

No apologies necessary pal, please look after yourself, we’re all very fond of you here on community.drownedinsound.com :slight_smile:

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Tbh the best bit in the video is when someone just off screen says there’s no rules anymore, I get what he means but it just sounds like he’s finally free and there’s genuine hope in his voice.


He’s naked and eating a Calippo.


I suspect that most of the people who took issue with her in this video have never raised a child.

I think we should have more sympathy with mothers and a bit less for people who are so disconnected from society that their primary concern is a few minutes of noise on their daily commute and not seeing if there’s any way they might be able to help her.


Pretty incredible that anyone these days feels comfortable saying “respect your elders and betters”.


Pretty sure that first class carriages on “metro” Southern services are declassified. Obvs no idea what this service is.

Obviously let the woman and her baby have a seat for fucks sake.

it’s the slight pause before “…and betters”

somehow makes it much worse.

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total shitshow

I liked it when she said sorry for breathing the first class air.
I also liked the man standing up for her and letting her sit.

I also very much enjoyed the advert before the clip which is soup for cats. SOUP. FOR CATS.


bunch of finks

I’ve had soup that looks a hell of a lot worse than that before

Which city was this in, btw? Not read the article.

dunno, neither have I.

watches clip

Jesus sufferin fuck she actually says ‘betters’