What do you need?

  • bras
  • trainers
  • decent pencil sharpener
  • sunglasses
  • scissors

cba shopping though

gonna buy it all online


jeans that don’t look like shit


Pants and socks that fit properly

  • someone to crack my back
  • trainers
  • more vegetables in my diet
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-usb extension cord
-powered usb hub
-vertical laptop stand with two slots
-headboard for my bed
-28 m square of soundproofing
-tiffiny lamp
-2 poster frames
-robot hoover

  • new glasses - i really like my current ones but they’re getting a bit worn and losing the colour in places :frowning:
  • a haircut
  • new work/smart shoes
  • the enthusiasm required to sort out my spare room and make it into something nice rather than a dumping ground for random stuff (guess where i’m sat today btw)

holiday (always)


Just read about a vegan B&B on Arran and I need to go there


New glasses and new prescription sunglasses
New work shoes or get my three pairs that I usually rotate reheeled
Furniture for my house (we have no wardrobes. I can’t commit and clothes rails are fine yeah?)
Massage, especially on my ITB
Proper medical pedicure as ingrown toenail is looming if I don’t get it sorted

  • medium support sports bra
  • laptop battery replacement
  • bag suitable for carrying stuff around at an outdoor wedding in a hot country

A haircut

  • Encouragement
  • Discouragement
  • An intervention
  • Sunglasses
  • Reminders
  • The number of someone in Barcelona
  • Water
  • Reassurance
  • A device that automates the opening of doors for the cat. I feel like some sort of flap-like contraption would do best.
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More sleep
The willpower to give up smoking (again)
Cat food
A mattress for youngest’s big kid bed


They will still wait for you to open the door tbf tbh


It’s as if they enjoy their roles as cute little menaces.


Have been so averse to shopping in the last couple of years it’s getting a bit silly. can’t be bothered to even think about what I need though tbh.


Was going to do a cute thing where I posted the lyrics to the Elton John song ‘I Need Love’ except it turns out it’s called ‘I Want Love’ and I can’t do anything right so sort me out with a hole where I can crawl inside and hide away forever :weary:


needed a new electric shaver for about 4 years cos mine chews up my face and only lasts one charge
hate buying stuff like that

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Eye test
Prescription sunglasses
New glasses
Chiropractor appointment
3 eBay parcels to arrive

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