What do you personally consider success to be?



Yes of course it’s “happiness” but what would that entail for YOU?


You fucking what, pal?


Getting your thread titles right would be a start.






Oh, then I’ll go for happiness


That’s all I’ve got. Congratulations on your success!


Sitting on a huge pile of money surrounded by many beautiful women.



It’s more than I could have hoped for really.


You’ve 100% succeeded, @Ruffers , if creating a @xylo thread was the aim.


Can we all stop pretending this isn’t eating us all up inside


Security, stability, and the ability to pursue and/or indulge my interests.


Isn’'t that evryone’s goal?


Would quite like to wake up one day without the gnawing sense of emptiness


making a million before I turn 30.


Two bowls of shreddies before bed?


Id rather have a bowl of coco pops


i just want a dog


Anything at all beyond money, love, hobbies then? Anything?


I used to like singing Coco Pops willy in the box before I learnt what other meanings might be attached to box.