What do you prefer?

Let’s treat ourselves to some polls, shall we?
Don’t tell me I don’t know how to have fun on my holidays!

At a bar…

  • Table Service
  • Service at bar

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On holiday

  • Get chatting to some locals
  • Bump into fellow Brits (or people from whatever country you hail from)

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  • Fruity Beer :beers::cherries::strawberry::peach::grapes:
  • Plain Beer :beers::beers::beers::beers:

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never been on holiday as an adult but I would hate to talk to people from another country as they would probably consider me a tourist/rich person

Being from another country doesn’t make you poor, any more than being in a foreign country doesn’t make you rich.


yeah that is true but if I was having a coffee or a pint and somebody came over on holiday to talk to me I would assume they were rich. Bit of a weird scenario though as nobody would come here on holiday.

You don’t just walk up to people and start a conversation, it happens organically and there’s lots of different scenarios. When I’ve made friends on holiday it’s usually been them approaching/striking up conversation with me/us. Or they have a dog.

  • Building polls
  • Actual conversation

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  • “Party Bar”
  • “Irish bar”

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I don’t like feeling like a tourist either though. Not being confident speaking the language, not knowing where I am going/where things are/how things are done.

  • Bottled Belgian beers in Belgium
  • Draught Belgian beers in Belgium

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We’ve had sex twice today. That’s enough social interaction for me.


yeah I guess I’m just not a holiday person so can’t really speak to other people’s socialising

  • Extra Syrup
  • Extra Soft
  • Extra choice
  • Extra Juice
  • Extra Schweppes Tonic Premium
  • Extra Red Bull

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Aight ima head out

  • Something horrible
  • Something nice

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  • Something naughty
  • Something nice

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  • Car full of dogs
  • Dog full of cars

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Is it one of yous birthday?

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  • Singapore Sling
  • Singapore Noodles

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