What do you reckon is the longest time (post babyhood)

you have gone without a spud crossing your lips in one form or another?

Also discount long periods of time you have spent in Asia or whatever.

This sounds like a filthy metaphor.

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20 seconds

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someone is going to claim they’ve never eaten a potato

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Babyhood was a golden era of potatoes for me, not sure why you excluded it

What do you reckon the best potato toy is? Potato heads or spud guns or other.

about a week maybe

I currently have potatoes in some form:

  • Every day
  • Tory Lie

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I remember eating Pringles or Lays every week or two in my times in Asia.

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They don’t have potatos in Asia?

Spud guns are so much better in theory than in practice.

Potato heads, however, are exactly as you’d expect. No surprises.

Asia is a big place as you might well know but I believe in some places potato consumption and sales are well behind most of the rest of the world.


This is new information


Also have you watched Aliens in the Attic? A classic.


A potato can be a toy in itself. Just off the top of my head there’s

  1. Clean the potato: Whoever can clean the potato the fastest wins!
  2. Potato bambata: Whoever can throw the potato highest in the air wins! Dad will have to measure though!
  3. Baby potato: Take the clothes off your dolls and put them on the potato! Aaw, sweet baby potato.
  4. One potato: Traditionally played by stacking fists on top of each other, with no definitive end point. Make the game 4D by using actual potatoes.
  5. Potato multiplier: Get dad to cut your potato in half, now you have two potatoes! You won!
  6. Potato house: One of your friends is sick. They keep getting sicker. You keep running tests on them, but the potato makes snide comments about you all in an arrogant way. Just before it’s hometime, the potato works out what the problem was and everyone has self-esteem issues.
  7. Hide the potato: Hide the potato somewhere, and get your friends to try and find it!
  8. Potato-yo: Tie a string around your potato and use it as a yo-yo!

And that’s just for starters (potato gratin starter).


Favourite potato:

  • Noel Gallagher
  • Wayne Rooney

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What about sweet potatoes? Are you counting those?

Yes, but not the yam.