What do you reckon the longest time you’ve spent playing a video game is?

What’s the longest time you’ve played a game without stopping? What about longest time spent on a singular game? What about longest time spent on a game series?

Checked my Steam account last night, which consists solely of Football Manager games from 2009-2018 and added up my playtime for each one and it came to a total of 208 days. That’s a lot of days in my opinion.

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Didn’t @guntrip once play Civilization IV for 24 hours? Have I got the wrong person / game / imagined the whole thing?

Sim City 4

It was part of a 24hr event on the student radio station I had a show on, fundraising for a local hospice charity.

I did a website/blog for it here

which still appears on google but doesn’t load on my phone


I think that the longest might have been about 14 hours in one day - maybe Sensible World of Soccer or Civilisation on the Amiga.

I guess that those two games would be the ones on which I’ve racked up the most hours in total as well.

The only Football Manager I have ever played is the Kevin Toms one on the Spectrum.

I reckon it’s probably fair to say I’ve spent somewhere in the region of a fifth of my life playing/using CM & FM

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728 hours on destiny
267 on destiny 2

Probably spent a full day none stop on football manager when I was younger

I wouldn’t want to think how much time I’ve spent playing civilisation games overall though - in the last I’ve owned Civ 2, Civ: Call to Power, Call to Power 2, Civ IV and currently have Civ V.

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Did a couple of LAN parties bitd. We’d spend around 5 days at my friends big house when his parents were away. The days would go something like: command and conquer from midday until early evening. Eat and play medal of honour/goldeneye/super smash bros for an hour, then command and conquer until 6am. Repeat.

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Haven’t done any mega non stop sessions but definitely lost whole weekends to cm01/02.

Most played game ever is probably hearthstone.

Honourable mentions to gta1, worms (various editions), warcraft 2.

Think I racked up something in the region of 64 days on Timesplitters 2. Fired over a billion bullets, great days.


Reckon about 15,000 hours on L4d 1 and 2


I shudder to think how much time I spent on Runescape (ffs) in Year 7/8…

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Definitely Football Manager during my GCSEs, I must have had a few days where I woke up and didn’t stop playing until bedtime.


I pulled a two day sickie when a World of Warcraft expansion came out once, if that answers your question at all.


Probably MarioKart DS on a ski holiday with mates on a day when the weather got so bad we couldn’t go out. Probably about 10 hours.

Draenor? Oof

Nah, was long oot by then.

I may or may not be back on that bullshit.

Oh no.


Outisde the realm of football management simulations, I have played through Final Fantasy VII about ten times across various platforms and I reckon each of those play-throughs has been at least 24 hours worth of game time…