What do you reckon the longest time you’ve spent playing a video game is?

Oh shit, I forgot about F1GP. My brother and I used to spend hours playing full-length championships on that.

Without question it’ll be FM08, spent the better part of a year solidly playing it in the background on my work laptop whilst in the office. Did a 30-plus year career on it in that time, kept spreadsheets full of every line-up I selected, every game, every result, full career record and honours board.


Before I realised other people online had already far better jobs than I would ever manage, I used to repaint the cars with 1996/97 liveries.

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The time played on my main runescape account was over a month :disappointed_relieved: I had a few other accounts which probably had a few more days worth as well. I dread to think the total amount of time I’ve spent playing video games in general

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I remember the first month or so, all I could think about all day at work was racing home to play Skyrim.

Tbh I’m gutted they’ve invested so much time in the new fall out game.

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Lots more since then too.


Yeah, we had the editor as well.

Civs II to V inclusive must have consumed more cumulative hours of my life than…most other things.

Probably Goldeneye on the N64, multiplayer sessions could last for hours on end. Generally had more than four players, so we’d tag in and out to let our hands recover and eat pizza

In the pre-save game era of Amiga games, you really had to book time in advance to play a game properly. Definitely played Turrican 2 for two or three hours at a time, just to have a decent go of it (got past the bit where it became an R-type game for a few levels!)

Pokémon Diamond I think, over 200 hours. I think I have put over 100 hours into every main series Pokémon game I have played barring one.

Collective hours on all Mario Kart games would be high on the list but play is too fragmented across generations and formats.


Not sure how long it was…but me and three friends once did a “first to five”…that quickly became “first to three” competition playing Mario Party games (50 turns). We were utterly bored mid way the second game but sheer pride pulled us through

Which Pokémon game?

I probably had similar figures for Blue-Silver-Sapphire-Pearl but haven’t had the relevant consoles to pick up any after that. I’ve missed them :frowning:

I remember spending about 7 hours on the ending of Final Fantasy IX as a nipper and the biggest obstacle beyond the unholy final boss was managing to sit on the Playstation for 7 straight hours without getting bollocked by my Mum

Diamond is top of the pile for time played, then off the top of my head in descending order probably something like:
Alpha Sapphire
Black 2
Leaf Green
Soul Silver
Moon (barely played it, so bad)

I’m pretty sure I’d have picked the same games as you, based on your blue/sapphire/silver choices. Thought I was such a deviant not going with Red :smile:

Is diamond your favourite then?

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I have a Very Important Question on this…

How do you decide which game to get in each generation?

(I’ve only played Blue & Black incidentally)

Red - extrovert
Blue - introvert

Then always go for the relevant sequal (Silver, Sapphire, Diamond)

Is what I believed anyway, can’t speak for FL. Also my mate got Red before me so :man_shrugging:

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coolest poke on the cover

Which is why I got blue.

Colour preference? :woman_shrugging:

The only weird one was playing White and then following it with Black 2. I thought I’d switch things up, but turned out they’d switched the games up anyway so I would have been better off sticking with White. Grr.

Oh also a bit this and my brother chose Red then Gold, but I wouldn’t have gone for them anyway.