What do you reckon the longest time you’ve spent playing a video game is?

Think I had close to 400 hours on Oblivion. If I add up all the FMs I’ve played it’s easily more than that

80 odd on FFVIII
Probably more on Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Skyrim, but nowhere near that.

Think I was up to 400 hours or something.

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Thought I’d have another play through of FFVII at uni after we all chipped in for a television the size of a wardrobe. My housemate went out to lectures early doors as I was turning the PlayStation on and I was still sat in the same place on the sofa when he got back 11 hours later. The look of consternation on his face was wonderful.


Steam says 550 hours on FM13 but in the pre steam days I think Civ2 or Civ3 would probably win it. Maybe with CM 03/04, Fifa 2000, and Worms 2, in the mix too. Would say all those games are over 1000 hours. I just didnt have many games at the time and lots of time after school.

me and a pal completed it in one sitting at uni. commandeering the living room for a full 30ish hours straight wasn’t very popular with our other housemates but sacrifices must be made

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I’ve got about 280 hours in on Civ 6, including a few whole day sessions recently with the new DLC pack.

Actually completed two standard length games in the same day recently. One I won by accident, the second was a bit cheaty.

Have a vague recollection that I once completed Crash Bandicoot from start to finish in one sitting/slumping.

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I picked up complete civ 5 in a steam sale a while back. Currently diving into the world of modd, including

  • one that slows down both tech progress and the passage of time
  • one that adds in absolutely loads of new techs
  • one that ramps up the difficulty, makes the AI less stupid, and adds in both local and global events

I’m also playing on a massive earth map with about 20 other civs and about 40 city states

As a result of all this after about twelve hours of play I’ve not got past the BC era yet…

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Might as well go the whole hog and make it 1:1 with the actual passage of time at this point.

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It’s quite nice in some ways, because it takes so long to filter through everyone else after my turn ends I can fit in boring household tasks while playing.

Until that session the other day I’d never gone near the deity setting on any Civ game. I happened to read somewhere though that you can cheat your way to that by turning off all victories except religious and then play a duel against a leader who can’t build religious units.

Spent a frantic hour or so defending my only city centre from relentless hordes of barbarians whilst building Stonehenge then took a handful of missionaries for a tour of my neighbour’s extremely modern and well-developed country for the win.

Bit silly that because as well as the deity achievement it also unlocks all the other difficulty achievements.


Mods… are you going to allow this rampant Jagging to go on unchecked?

Was thinking of doing a Civ thread before, but reasoned there’s possibly only a couple of us that play it regularly.

Most of the games I’ve spent the most time playing are probably listed above; various Civ/FM games

A few other possible challengers though:

  • Transport Tycoon DX
  • Minecraft
  • The Settlers/Settlers II
  • Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix II
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Yeah, Skyrim for me as well. One Christmas my whole routine was basically wake-up, breakfast, Skyrim, lunch, Skyrim, open wine / beers, Skyrim, dinner, Skyrim, sleep. Repeat.

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I remember back when Civ 4 or 5 came out, a few Dissers sorted out an online game. I wasn’t involved as I didn’t buy my copy until a lot later.

It’s probably a FM game. Haven’t played one in ages though, due to losing too much time on them previously. Maybe I should give it another go. Anyone know when the new one is out?


DO IT (please, if you want to)


I think it’s due just in time for the Qatar World Cup. May 2022 or something.