What do you see?

I see… The A-Team.

Also, a lion eating a lady.



Now i see the young woman. Really annoyed it took so long as i knew exactly where to look.

Also annoyed at the head scarf of the old woman having utterly no part to play for the young woman.

The real you

I’ve gotta do the magic eye, eye blurry thing to see the old woman

I think it’s a scarf or some kind of scarfy hat adornment on the young woman too

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red for young lady

blue for old lady


A demonstration of the brain’s function as a prediction engine based on incomplete or ambiguous information.

Because I’m a smartarse.

Isn’t it some kind of fascinator or other ridiculous hair accessory?

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Literally can’t see the old woman. No idea what anyone is talking about. It’s someone with dark hair and a fur coat, a black choker, a weirdly floofy heardscarf and a feather fascinator looking away from the viewer.

The young woman’s eye catches my glance first, and hat to cover that up to see the older woman.

The young woman’s jaw and choker are the old woman’s nose and mouth. The young woman’s ear is the old woman’s left eye, the eyelashes of the young woman’s left eye are on the old woman’s right eye. She’s got a protruding chin and is looking down. Does that help?

Nope, still can’t see an old lady :person_shrugging:



But at least you can see the lion, yeah?

Could someone do something similar for the young woman? This old woman is all I have been able to see.

The left yellow circle is her left eye looking away from us. The green v is her jaw.

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Still couldn’t work this out! Had to Google it, I can see it in the now detailed version that comes up in Google, without the shading in this simpler drawing I’m stuck on the old woman even knowing what I’m looking for.

The simple drawing is the whole point. It’s a demonstration of how brains automatically fill in gaps in information with prediction.