What do you smell like today?


i smell like pizza and cheap christmas leftover lynx bodyspray


chilli con carne


My hands smell a bit of bleach, the rest of me smells mildly of Hugo Boss deodorant


Faint smell of anti-perspirant and fabric softener.


Another vote for Davidoff Cool CK one


what you been bleaching?


ariel liquitab (don’t usually buy branded washing stuff, but I hate to admit it, it smells loads better than sainsbury’s own)

antiperspirant of some kind - can’t remember what it is


I am working from home today awaiting my landlord to replace our toilet seat so I gave the ol’ throne a quick spruce up first innit.


Your mum.


Sure Shower fresh, Pantene, Fabric Softener and Clinique Happy. I dipped my elbow in my coffee earlier so I keep on getting wafts of that too.


Not great, to be honest. Despite having a shower I don’t think I deoderised adequately, given that today is warmer than it has been recently and I’ve been doing a bit of lugging equipment around in work.




unlucky - she eats a lot of figs


I did notice a slightly figgy groinal musk.


ffs i’ve told her about that


cigerettes, coffee and BO

Form an orderly line ladies




Alright, @83746725


is he a bee?


Alright R.E.M.