What do you think about BAGGAGEKLAIM



Life is just too short to listen to a band called Baggeklaim.


Lasted 30 seconds before switching it off.


Bad name, probably a bad person.


It’s sort of a cross between the music from the club Neo off of The Matrix goes to and “Bad To Have A Bad Uncle” off of Nathan Barley.


I like it too!


It’s no Lo-Fidelity Allstars. Some pretty heavy-handed satire in the one minute and eight seconds of the video I watched.


so many questions

  1. Whose mans is this?
  2. does he have on a dress suit?
  3. Where can I get that mask?
  4. Why does he look like Macklamore?


because theres nothing more cripplingly horrifying than the visage of the artist who created thriftshop


what exactly is being satirized?