What do you think Ben Shephard is doing right now?

Probably having a great laugh somewhere

Pulling out nostril hairs with a pair of tweezers


looking at his grandad’s handmade porn

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Maybe he’s down the bingo

Nothing impressive, I’ll tell you that for free


Definitely watching something unremarkable on freeview TV after eating a jacket potato

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On the phone to television presenter, singer and friend of Robbie Williams, Jonathan Wilkes.

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He’s just rolled a nat20 crit on his half-Tortle/half-Tiefling Paladin’s attack against the Sahuagin Warlord who ordered the raid on his tribe that caused the death of his whole family during his bi-monthly D&D game GM’d by Kate Garraway.

Doing the ‘Step in Time’ song/dance from Mary Poppins round his kitchen

With his cock out

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Having a little chuckle at a post from Dull Men’s Club on Facebook

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shepherding local bens

Playing Bass