What do you think happened to Balonz?

  • Jailed for you-know-what
  • Got caught DiSing at work
  • Got caught DiSing at home
  • He’s with Lucien now
  • Other (pls specify)

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I reckon he just sits with that guy in his car and looks through the window rather than here now


Tooth-brush related injury

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Maybe they became best friends

Good old fashioned guilt

shall I ask him?

his balloon burst

poached by the NME forums

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Which one? Great or little pond?

Think the full roast eater got him

did he ever really exist?

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Go great or go home


He got out, maaaaaaan.

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What’s wrong with the little pond? Knowing him, it’s probably more likely he hung out there, doing whatever a balonz does

Fair. Balonz was all about the Frensham beach

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Flew away and went poop

We didn’t know it at the time, but by posting threads on literally every topic imaginable he was encouraging us to explore the darkest recesses of our collective subconscious.

He was so dazzled (or possibly repulsed) by what he found he had to go.

you’re thinking of @epimer’s visit to the Zurich Cheese Festival


He went back to his home planet.



That were quite the show you put on, bravo, would ask for an encore but I’m not sure armitage shanks have the man power