What, do you think, is the biggest

Bug you’ve ever had crawl on you without you knowing about it?

Jake Bugg


Did you once share a tent at V Fest?

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I found one of those massive spiders climbing up my arm the other day, so that, for the time period before I knew about it.

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The Millennium Bug

Cockroach :weary:


Either a large locust or one of those GHASTLY house spiders that are so surprisingly massive they make you jump and question for a second if your bathroom is a portal to Australia

Don’t know.

Had a tarantula in my cabana in tulum so maybe that? :grimacing:

Oh yeah, found a locust on my tshirt once but I wasn’t wearing it at the time (I was at the beach), unless unbeknownst to me, the locust had been on there since before I took the tshirt off

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Thread made me think of this