What do you think is the fastest you've ever been irked in a day?


From waking up to irked. Needs to be something specific to that day though not just being generally angry.


Out of bed at 6.30, out of the house at 7.00. At 7.05 the bus arrived and a woman strolled up and walked in front of me and onto the bus like she was the fucking Queen or something.


Not sure the queen would be on a bus


At uni one morning I woke up, threw myself out of bed and stepped directly onto my laptop crushing the absolute shit out of it. 2-3 seconds tops I’d say.


I meant the Queen of Crouch End, obviously.


There was an instance last year where my alarm went off and in my haste to turn it off I rolled over and rolled straight out of the bed, hitting my head on the bedside cabinet as I went, landing in an undignified heap on the floor.


My mistake! Sincere apologies!


Within 2 minutes every morning when entering the bathroom - Reason for irkedness being the fact that we moved to this fucking flat


I’m often irked by the fact that Clive often dumps his shoes on the bedroom floor where ever he feels like it and I then kick them with my bare toes as I make my way out of the room in the semi-darkness.


when the snooze alarm goes off


:frowning: are there specific irks with the flat or are you generally Not Into It


But you could never stay mad at this face?



He looks even more smug than my Clive.


Years ago I was staying at my band mate’s parent’s house after we had played a gig, and their aggressive Staffordshire bull terrier bounds into the room I’m in, jumps onto my balls to wake me up and starts snarling and getting all in my face. So… about 0.5 seconds?
Dog was later put down due to eating another dog :frowning:


I used to have the radio as my alarm, so about 2 seconds would be pretty normal…


Classic fm is the only possible non irking morning station


Ate another dog?


classic Clive


knew several people that would wake up to radio one deliberately because they hated it

why would you do that to yourself?


Something like that. Definitely tried to eat another dog, it was a total psycho.