What do you think is the most expensive constituent part of a cup of tea? Chat/debate allowed

  • Tea bag
  • Milk
  • Hot water (heating of water and proportion of water bill)
  • Mug cleaning (proportion of utilities as above plus detergent)

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The most expensive constituent of all: man.


What about tea leaves?

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I’m going with milk in terms of the expense required in the overall process of milking a cow and all that and also because of the cost to the environment

It’s going to be the milk because of all the cow farts isn’t it?

The most expensive constituent part of a mug of tea is the time it takes for me to make it.


sorry - im going for…the mug.

  • Some people use loose leaf tea and a teapot to make a cup of tea
  • No they don’t

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I did exactly this an hour ago. And I don’t drink tea.

No you didn’t

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I really fucking hate this DiSism of “no one does that”

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you get quicker with practice

it’s really not that complicated once you get the hang of it. keep trying!


Sorry Nicola. I was using it for exaggerated effect as per the normal discussion of innocuous everyday things here on the community.

Poor @Epimer, bet this thread really stings given his recent tea troubles

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The loose leaf tea was enclosed in a porous rubber yellow submarine!


most expensive cost to THE ENVIRONMENT?

must be the farty cows

those things are shit and don’t allow the leaves enough room to brew

don’t @ me

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think it’s kinda awkward that we bag (aha) on people who drink loose leaf when for the most part (in terms of a global majority) they are the people from the countries in which tea is picked.