What do you think is the most expensive constituent part of a cup of tea? Chat/debate allowed


if i make green tea i’ll use loose leaf (as i have about 20kgs of the stuff knocking around)

on the rare occasion* i make a regular cup of builder’s tea, it’ll be teabag

*i have actually been drinking tea more frequently recently. maybe two cups a month.

Yeah I know, but her friends buy her these things and, as I say, I don’t drink tea so I don’t care.

don’t @ me!!!

How come?

Probably labour.

If Jean gets £7.84 an hour, and it takes approximately nine minutes to make a brew kettle on until on my desk (three mins for the bag to ariate, 32 stirs, 246 stairs up to the director’s floor) and i have six a day that’s…£1468 a year.


I didn’t!

Did I?

Good stuff, that

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Yes, I can do that.

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Been very close to starting a loose leaf tea thread recently.

But have loads of teabags to use up first.

loose leaf in a “t-sac”, or poured through a strainer, are perfectly viable and acceptable ways of drinking tea!

I considered that as a poll option but then the results would be skewed by all the billy big bollocks wanting to blow their own trum… oh hi marckee

The stuff in tea bags is literally the dust that’s left over when the proper leaves have been dried or whatever they do to them.

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The better skilled I am, the more my time is worth though, so it all balances out.

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Yeah, I mix it up but I’d rather not have tea bags anymore because I only recently realised there’s plastic in them and I’m trying not to use plastic if I can avoid it.

Can’t find a loose leaf decaf I like though.

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This works as a reply to @japes’ post immediately above yours, too.