What do you think of the kids' names Kipper, Chip and Biff


More specifically in a British primary school book. Kipper and Chip are boys.

The only ‘Biff’ I ever recall is from Back to the Future.


They’re no Balonz.


Bit Brexit


Probably quite good for teaching phonics.


Yeah this was my thought.

I’m just surprised there aren’t more normal names for that?

Maybe the point is to make kids find the names amusingly unusual. Why not just name the girl after a food too?


Sean, Daniel, Balonzy McGrew, Kipper, Chip and Biff


I would probably be illiterate if those books didn’t exist


“I’ll get Mucka, Ducka, Trucka and Sucka, and you get Spaz.”
“But I am Spaz!”


I remember those books! I can’t remember which one is the girl boy or dog though from the names


The girl is Biff. Hence my comment about BTTF. Is it maybe a common girls name and I’ve never noticed (presumably short for something?).

The dog is called Floppy.


That was the rarest sticker in the Panini Back to the Future album, IIRC.


death of a salesman has a Biff


I do not know that at all.


When they get the magic key the stories really go up a notch.

Also look for the pair of glasses that seem to be lying around in every story, nice little side game.


Used to love those books in primary school, used to smash through the colour grading. Look at those dunces with their one-word-per-page green books, I’m dealing with paragraphs here in maroon!


great series of books. The magic key or somefink. I like when they go to the museum and there are dinosaurs and that


Billy Balonzhat.


If I had a child that smelled of fish then then Kipper would be the perfect name.


One of my cats is called Biffy, which is sometimes shortened to Biff. Hope this helps.


Not really, but it’s not like it hinders either.