What do you think Stephen Mulhern had for his tea this evening?

Ham eggs and chips

He’s trying a new noodle dish from a cook book

Me and funkhouser think he’s having salmon


Me and shrewbie think he’s having salmon.

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Not interested

Thank you both for also sharing this speculation in this thread

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If you’re not interested in a thread, you don’t have to open it and reply not interested you know

Which one?

Oh yeah. Sorry.

Ass ft. cum.

I’d have to see what the White House chefs specialise in!

Lovely noodle dishes by chef noodle

I’ve got that one


It’s a good one

Probably the entrails of his last victim

Cheeseburger and triple cooked maris piper chips

Large mixed kebab (extra kofte, extra pickled jalapenos, extra garlic sauce), small cheesy chips (extra garlic sauce), three cans of Irn Bru.