What do you think the next food craze will be?


I hope it’s Spag Bol. Love Spag Bol, me.


Sushiritos never really took off did they.

I could get behind some street spag, yeah.


I think fish and chips. It’s easy to eat in pubs, satisfying, nostalgic, but easy to do variations on


couple of those SUBWAY, BUT FOR PIZZAS places have opened up here in the last few weeks

i fucking hate pizza purists so i’m not arsed


newcastle’s on it, m8


Yeah Inferno in Nottingham is decent. Obviously it’s not authentic but it’s a good, relatively cheap and quick meal. Can always bang a shit-ton of veg on too which is good


Oh god, ‘sghetti’ :fearful:






yeah i’ve got no problem with it

only thing i have a problem with is people who begrudge others for eating £2.50 pizzas because it’s ‘wrong’


can see this happening


did poke take off?
are people still pickling things?
what happened to peruvian food?
@marckee help us

we’re starting to get kombucha in notlondon now

did some googling for ‘2017 food trends’ and ended up here


i feel like kimchi is going to cross over into traditional roasts


Have posh hot dogs become a thing yet? Hot dogs in this country are a disgrace. American frankfurters are a million times better, for real.

Or ‘authentic’ German sausages, like that stall at Broadway Market. Proper buns, bit of sauerkraut, easy money. Burgers have been poshed and fetishised and all that - I want to be sick of seeing ‘artisanal’ hot dogs in every pub.

And more options for vegetarians! Frankfurters don’t exactly taste like meat, after all - veggie hot dogs are almost the same.


Poke is great!


burning stuff


Haggis toasties please.


Bubbledogs? Not been, but think it’s probably already a thing



Big Apple hot dogs are good man