What do you think the next generation will hate our generation for?

I’m taking our generation to roughly mean ‘millennials’.

The Boomers, our parents’ generation, are ultimately reviled for their easy lives and related selfishness. Instead of using the opportunity to make things better for everyone, they sorted themselves out with no concern or moment’s thought as to what comes next. The present was what mattered, and the future became an irrelevance.

But what will Gen Z hate millennials for? With a young daughter, I think about this quite often.

I think the core grievance will be around social liberalism and acceptance, but the response to it will go one of two ways. Gen Z will either hate us for not being socially liberal enough, or for being too socially liberal and we will see a backlash against us for accepting (and legislating for?) what will be perceived as ‘weird’ lifestyles. The pendulum will swing back toward Victorian sensibilities. It would be their act of teenage rebellion.


climate change.

literally nothing else will matter


They’ll probably think that our elbow skin is too rough and dry after the advances in elbow moisturising technology I’m anticipating in the next 10-12 years.




Authenticity, they’ll crave it and loathe us for seeing some once.

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destroying the planet

when everyone is living in a nuclear holocaust they won’t really care about dumb shit people posted on facebook or that. more that the earth’s surface is 60° and there is no water or plant life

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(Also, they’ll probably be quite irked about the fact that their entire lives from conception onwards have been documented digitally and the rights of that information has been freely handed over to enormous conglomerates without any of their knowledge or consent)


The fact that Tom from Myspace couldn’t make a success of it.

That and climate change.

Climate change and Morrisey


In reverse order

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I had thought this, but I think millennials (will) have at least identified it as a problem. Current boomer politicians might not be doing enough, but I think by the time current 30 year olds become prime ministers/presidents in 10-20 years time it will be high on the agenda (arguably because of Gen Z pressure, but they would have been trying to persuade a willing audience of policy makers).

Andy Vine’s cartoon thread


that’s like, 10-20 years too late

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Not having enough money to spend on them

Baby boomers will be the generation who were gonna die, didn’t really believe it and did nothing, Xers and millennials the generations who knew about it, were taught about it in school, believed in it… and yet still did nothing but flirted with flexitarianism a bit and used paper straws.

They’ll probably be a bit pissed off about the fact that all the new LEGO sets are film tie-ins instead of original properties in and of themselves

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Apparently he’s on Instagram. He sold up Myspace and made himself a multi millionaire in the process, and now just travels the world taking photos.

If that was my life I’d consider it to be a success.

When they find out this game didn’t get released