What do you think the time to beat for this was?

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6 seconds

3.8 seconds

11 seconds

25 seconds


Seems well easily beatable that

I was in here a few weeks ago and thought the exact same thing (didn’t try)

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Have the bags shrinkflated?

To add onto the guessing game

Which 00s song were they playing which I hadnt thought of since it came out. Band likely to have been in NME, was a relative hit

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Might go one day and just keep beating the challenge, no need to buy a drink

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Seemed normal size, not even the £1 bigger ones

I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Black Kids

Dominoes - Big Pink


No but good shout cause I havent heard that for absolutely years

It’s Just a Song About Ping Pong by Operator Please

Not that, think this song was a bit earlier - 2003 or 2004

House of Jealous Lovers by the Rapture

Nope - turns out it was 2005. UK band and this was the only song of theirs I think anyone would know

monster by automatic

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