What do you think there are more of in the world


Toilets or ducks? Please show your working.


Ducks, my working is that toilets need to be constructed and ducks can just fuck each other to make more ducks.


Are we counting toilet ducks?


please can you define toilet for the purposes of the thread please


Get out.


I calculate 2.12bn toilets. If someone can do the ducks we are done here.


The world is a toilet.

Think about THAT


answer me!


I reckon it’s less than that. So I’m going with toilets. If I’m wrong it’s your fault


It’s easily ducks. Many parts of the world don’t have toilets. Ducks are everywhere.


“The world is a toilet and the tides are the flush”

Think this is a good opening line for a teenage band song personally.


Many parts of the world have more than one toilet!


Purpose built shitters that grown adults could use. Includes: portaloos, outhouses. Does not include: potties, urinals or the ground in general.


Your en suite isn’t enough to make up the difference.


Ducks then.

If you’d included crude latrines I’d have gone for toilets. Thanks


No, thank you.


I’m aware there are many species but only 17m mallards:


I actually think that it might be toilets:


more than 17 million. learn how to read, cunt