What do you think this is eh?

Found it at the top end of my garden, looks to be a small plastic container with some dirt inside.

Good afternoon, officer.


is it a drugs thing?

That’s better than some kind of poison to kill the foxes from my neighbours

Reckon it’s a small plastic container with some dirt inside


I tried googling plastic container with dirt inside but it came up with nothing

google, tight lipped as ever


DIY corona test.

it’s in the bin now guys don’t worry



this reminds me of a story I was once told about a guy who went round to all his local Essex drug dealers with an ‘invention’. He’d made a bunch of containers from ordinary drainpipes and he had some cutting tool for making holes on a golf course. He basically pitched his invention as ‘you cut a little circle in your lawn, you put your stash and your cash in the pipe container and then put the container in the hole - like a time capsule - and then put the turf back on top. If the pigs come round and search the house they find nothing.’

He managed to sell 30 or 40 of these and then apparently over a series of two or three nights he emptied every one of the garden stashes he’d sold & fucked off to southern Spain

great scam, if you want to be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life


That’s wild. I’d be way too anxious to screw people over like that, would ruin my life worrying

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it’s not like they’re gonna go to the police to report the theft though is it? Or even admit to each other that they’d been so easily scammed

but yeah, takes some level of fearlessness/stupidity to try and pull it off

Yeah but if they find where you live they’d probably torture you pretty bad, no amount of money is worth worrying about that.

I think he just went after local-level ‘can fit their stash in 15cm of drainpipe’ types. He clearly calibrated the risk

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When you suffer from generalised anxiety it doesn’t really matter how logical the worry is though once it takes hold, I can find anything to worry about. At the moment I’m worrying that the bin men will get mad at me that the garden waste is too decayed next time I put it out and I might get a fine or have the service cancelled or something. I won’t be scamming any dealers anytime soon.


sympathy like.

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sure, but maybe your massive supply of newly liberated drugs might take the edge off (for a while)

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Didn’t you open it?

Nope. Could be anthrax or something