What do you think this is?

Taken from my local Facebook group where people complain about parking / littering etc.

An argument is raging in the comments over whether it’s a trap for dogs / foxes (we are in the hunting ground of the Croydon Cat Killer tbf), or some sort of religious offering left by a grieving relative (possibly Brazilian or Voodoo in origin).


  • Dog trap
  • Spiritual offering

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Looks like something @profk would cook.


It’s a reason not to go to Nunhead.

I like Nunhead! Has the best named pub in the UK: THE PYROTECHNIST’S ARMS

You’re selling Nunhead with a link to a story about a barmaid who got held up at gunpoint… Pub name is good though!


I have been wondering lately how common attempted dog poisoning is. There are at present at least 23 (I counted on Monday) shitbags strewn down the narrow path behind the houses, that I use every morning. All the way down at regular intervals. This snaps me. I’m sure someone with a less steady character is going to break soon

someone probably just lost it on their way to a dinner party


think it’s a model of the new Chelsea stadium

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People are picking up the shit but then chucking the bag?

People have been suggesting this option, but others are pointing out that if that’s the case, if would probably be in a proper casserole dish and not what appears to be a disposable takeaway tray.

Probably for the best.

Yeah, what the WTF are people thinking! I hate to go all Kirsty Allsop but its absolutely rife! Some dog owners must be lobotomised or something - just leave the shit on the floor and let nature take its course if you’re not going to dispose of it. Fucksake!

I’m slightly fascinated by the Croydon Cat Killer, seems incredible that they could be responsible for almost 450 crimes and yet there’s almost nothing to go on regarding catching them. They think they might struck in Southampton this week:

That’s just weird.

Yeah I’m following this too. It’s pretty dark. “They” should probably try and do more to catch the guy, he’s obviously a major wrong’un

I reckon it’s a movement rather than one person.

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I think that topping is one of these type things:



Would eat.


I think it’s more than one. It looks like there’s thousands on there.

why would you add peppers, breadcrumbs to lure dogs. Or waste a good oven dish.

I think an idiot made it.