What do you think this tweet means?


It’s a follow up comment from a British brewery that has announced it will no longer use American products in its beer because sanctions worked for South Africa and now American can deal with it too.

My first reading of it was that they were using quote marks round Israelis because they were using it as a synonym for Jewish - in which case, what the fuck. But now I’m wondering if the idea instead is that they don’t think Israel should be seen as a legitimate country so Israelis goes in quote marks. I’m not sure if that’s really that fine either.


Think you’re being an anti-zionist apologist here



My first impression is that their beer probably tastes of shite.


Ask them?


Given the poor grammar and punctuation on the rest of their tweets, I’m not sure I’d place too much weight on those speech marks meaning anything, to be honest.


I’m too tired to work out the double negatives here.


Presumably don’t sell beer in the UK either then


They probably mean the latter (and this isn’t exactly okay), but context makes it read like the former. Worse, they’ve not bothered to clarify even though they’re still tweeting.

Would avoid.


Yeah, I think the whole stance is a bit silly, but that tweet especially caught my eye.


Classic anti-Zionist apologist behaviour


I think he was referring to the instance of shoe-throwing that he’d just seen


what do the Wheelies make of this?


Third option: misused quote marks. You can’t do bold/italic on Twitter, right? Could just be for emphasis (which makes them worse than Hitler anyway fwiwtbqf).

  • Saying Israel isn’t a country
  • Using ‘Israelis’ as a term for jewish people
  • Couldn’t think of something that rhymes with Kwik-E-Mart

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The Twerton McDonalds in Bath had a magnificent banner outside it after it launched, which read “Now Open”, complete with quote marks.


Benefit of the doubt would be to presume they were trying to distinguish between the Zionist state of Israel (with whom they have political issues) and Jews in general (with whom they have no issue).


they’ve probably been drinking


Classic Chorlton dwellers

The people of Chorlton are worried about the rise of Prestwich as the Chorlton of North Manchester because North Manchester is cooler. There’s a lot of Jews in Prestwich. Make of that what you will.


they are fiercely pro-israel. the key is ‘owed’ - it means they don’t sell to businesses who owe money to israelis


Ha, I didn’t even spot that.