What do you use scissors for in the kitchen?


I’m a pizza scissors person. Also herbs, bacon, sausages, salmon et cetera. Stuff like packaging goes without saying.

Apparently this is frowned upon by some people. Well, frown upon me! Failing that, give me some good ideas for what to chop up next.

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What is the worst thing ever?

Something to play with whilst I wait for my readymeal to ping


Off topic but I often find myself having to use nail clippers to get into blister wrapped packaging


Alternative uses are also good, everyone loves a MacGuyver


I cut up meat with it such as chicken and bacon. The reason is my knives are veryveryveryveryveryvery blunt.


Mostly for cutting open packaging I guess

And like any sane person I absolutely do frown upon using scissors for stuff like pizza and other foodstuffs


Other than packaging, only really cutting up bacon, as it’s easier than using a knife. Oh, and herbs, maybe.


People who cut meat with scissors are almost as bad as people who cut pizza with scissors :grinning:


But it’s like two knives on a hinge! So efficient. Don’t tell me you use a pizza wheel, for the love of all that is decent.




The fuck?! It makes perfect sense. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you don’t coat your chopping board in salmonella juice :slight_smile:


I ain’t having someone who uses scissors to cut pizza criticize someone for using a pizza cutter. Mate it takes SECONDS to cut pizza with one of those things, maybe 5 seconds if you’re slow and is especially useful if you have a huge pizza. If you use scissors you’re just making a faff and are trying to be a precious snowflake.


Well of course I bloody well do, what else would I use!?


Not pizza (my aunt did this when we were staying at hers and I thought of DiS, sadly)


The usual (herbs, bacon ect). Also use them to trim the stalks of bunches of flowers.




Can’t remember the last time I used a pair of scissors on anything, probably Christmas wrapping.


Pizza wheels are imho the best way of cutting a pizza. Nothing else is designed so perfectly for the purpose.


Chicken, bacon and chives


I think people who have a grudge against them cant use them properly and are stuck there pressing down harder and harder wondering why it isn’t cutting without realizing its one or effortless smooth motions and nothing more.