What do you use...

…to peel potatoes?

  • Knife
  • Peeler

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shirley using a knife you are wasting loads of potato. Reckon you could do it if you had mad knife skills


Never peeled one


It’s too fiddly a job, so I don’t do it. I boil them and mash 'em with the skins on normally.


Good grips y shaped peeler is one of the biggest life improvers available for under a tenner imo



  • Y shaped peeler, branded
  • Y shaped peeler, unbranded
  • straight peeler (not sure what you’d call these), branded
  • straight peeler (not sure what you’d call these), unbranded

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I prefer to use a knife as I have mad skillz from peeling so many potatoes while I was in the Scouts.

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Quite enjoy peeling - find it calming.

I mean not like doing kilos of potatoes but something satisfying about doing an all in one peel.

I use a Santoku knife and don’t waste a lot. Can’t get on with peelers cause they’re biased against the left-handed.


nope nope nope

I can’t peel.

I also have left hand issues along with just hatred of doing it.

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Aren’t most of them double sided for exactly this reason? Ours is symmetrical

I used to hate using a straight peeler, but I don’t mind a y-shaped one. Left-hander here.

On cooking shows they always do peeling away in short exaggerated fast motions like it’s really fast but that’s just inefficient.

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If I get you in secret santa then a good grips will be on its way to Cornwall

No idea, don’t own one. When I’ve used them before they’ve always been one sided.

Are we doing secret santa this year? If I get you then I’ll respond with a signed Southend shirt.

Handy if there’s another loo roll shortage


Yeoooo :ireland: