What do you use...

All about the knife for peeling, mostly because I’m lazy and don’t like to change tools in the middle of cooking too much, but as a result my methodology is well-practised and my wastage is minimal.

Used to like working in my dad’s kitchen and using the rumbler when peeling spuds


we better be!

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We used to have an old one of these from the family fish and chip shop.

It was so old that it never worked, but my dad insisted that he was going to fix it at some point. He never did.

I like the skins, don’t peel.

I peel sweet potatoes with a knife. Skins on for spuds otherwise apart from that very rare occasion where only mash will do.

i throw away the potato and only keep the skins

  • I have refined and exquisite taste
  • I am a cultural philistine and do not have one of these

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