What do you usually order in a bar?


If you have any specifics that is.

I my friends order Guinness most often. Just behind that, Bloody Marys. And failing all else, white wine spritzer spritzers spritzersssss.







“Do you have cloudy lemonade?”
“Ok, just a normal lemonade please”



ale or lager tbh

rarely ever anything else


In Cork: Pint of Beamish.
Outside of Cork but still in Ireland: Pint of Guinness.
Everywhere else: Dunno mate, what’s locally brewed?


I am going through a phase of rhubarb gin & ginger ale and BEFORE YOU KNOCK IT give it a try.


That shit is refreshing as hell.

I was recently roundly mocked for ordering it. Then everyone tried it. Then everyone ordered it.

Beer makes me bloated as fuck.


Which beers man? Or do you vary your pubs too often to have a regular?


Best looking ale or craft beer on tap
failing that, best bottle/can
failing that, G&T

or, if I’m going all sillybuggers, double dark rum and diet coke


I had a thing (can’t remember what they called it) which consists of doing two shots in a row, the first being whiskey, the second being pickle vinegar. Sounds gross, absolutely delicious.


Pickleback innit.


now I’m living in Cornwall it’s mainly either a pint of Tribute or if they have it, Skinner’s Hops n’ Honey (which used to be Heligan Honey)… or Guiness

Lager wise, I’m easy - Carlsberg if I’m being a cheap arse, or San Miguel if I’m not.

In Manchester, I drank a lot of darker beers for some reason. Hobgoblin, porters, or whatever. Loved that Iron Maiden beer they had in Castle though - Trooper? Good pale ale, that.


97% of the time shit watery lager (fosters, amstel, etc.)
2% of the time single malt
1% of the time something else


This is how you remind ruffers


Silver Side Ruff


Bloody love a Hobgoblin. Old Peculiar is great too.


yes boio


See if there’s a pale ale on tap - if I’m at a proper wankery place I’ll pick something I haven’t tried before
If not, try pick out a nice bottled ale
If not, find the least disgusting lager
Guinness if I’m at home or I feel like one and the pub looks like it does good Guinness


Wish this was my side name, THEO…