What do you usually order in a bar?

So your regular is actually something new? mind blown man, game over.


Pale Ale.

Guinness or a decent looking ale, ideally between 3.8% and 4.5%

Always different or do you have a go-to?

Rum and diet Coke if I’m planning on getting drunk, bottle/can of lager if I’m only having a few

Old Peculiar is the king of dark, mainstream ales.

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A nice IPA or a lager normally.

I would drink more gin and tonics in bars because I fucking love them…but they are expensive and I drink them at the same speed as beer so I get more fucked for more ££

An ale - ideally not too golden / pale.

And, I’ve recently taken to rum and ginger ale / rum and coke.

Rum is ruddy lovely in my tum.

Baileys, gin and tonic, lager. Asleep after 45 miunutes


An ale. Not fussy - I can enjoy anything from a cask porter to a keg gose to any pale ale you could shake a stick at.

If there’s nothing good, I might sometimes have a lager or (in hot weather) a cider.

I love you and your white wine spritzers.

If I’m not getting a beer then generally it’s a gin and tonic, sometimes slimline tonic and I always get the urge to ask for a gin slim but I don’t, because it sounds stupid.

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But in all seriousness it’s usually a lager or a cider. Anything that’s not Carlingbergsters or Strongners -
preferably Moretti or Thatchers.

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Will try this next time i’m in a pub.

Imagine having a regular haunt that doesn’t rotate it’s selection on draught. Imagine!

one rake o’ pints please


Which with any luck will be in about 40 minutes!


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i vary a bit, my go-tos are Guinness, Smithwicks or Hop House (or Bass if they have it), but if they have anything interesting on tap that’s not too expensive i’ll give it a whirl

Thanks for asking.

As of last year, Guiness, only Guiness. Now im 30 i know what i like and what i like is Guiness. No need to drink anything else.

Also Guiness is hands down the best beer you can buy in a can.

In summary, Guiness


I do but I do not usually partake of such things