What do you want for Christmas?


My folks seem pissed off that I don’t want anything. I’m in my 30s and don’t need anymore random shit. Consumerism apparently rules though.

Do you need/want/expect anything this year?


You bbz xoxo


World peas


^this. I’m desperately trying to think of something as they keep asking me about it. The last few years I’ve asked them for boring but practical stuff I happened to have needed at the time (bath towels or a new wash bag) but I’m struggling this year.


Fuck knows


It’s also slightly annoying that despite fussing at me about what I want, they don’t seem to have any idea what they want, either. Perhaps we should just decide to sack it off this year.


I would bloody love this.





just gunna get wiggle vouchers probs


giant mecha combat suit obvs


To hug my Mam and Dad, drink with my friends and to play a few gigs. That’s it.


My Mum is of the generation that believes you have to get something that you can wrap up and put under the tree but is too data paranoid to ever buy anything on the internet, so I usually don’t bother buying a couple of things that I want during the year so she can buy them for me for Christmas. This year it’ll be the new series of Fargo and Twin Peaks on DVD, as I haven’t seen either yet. Also socks. Lovely, lovely socks.


Yeah, this is it. Now I’m an adult, spending time with them and friends from back home is the most important element of Christmas, tbh.


for reasons i don’t fully understand (possibly my dad just getting overexcited) i’ve already had my main christmas/birthday from my family.

they got me a wahoo elemnt bundle. it arrived last weekend and is fantastic and i love it.




nobody’s ever asked me what i want :frowning:
not sure which but i want a book from the macmillan collectors library because they’re so pretty and portable
would also accept a nice cardigan


I still live at home though so I reiterate my giant mecha combat suit


House things on account of I have nothing. Like utensils and plates and cutlery and pots and pans and towels and basically anything needed for a house to be functional? Can pretty much guarantee that’s what I’ll get unless it falls through before Christmas.


Oh, that’s fair enough in that case.


Yeah pretty much this, having the whole team together eating loads and drinking loads will do