"What do you want then?" - A thread about rampant consumerism


Got anything you want then?

Let’s have some realistic potential purchases and some if-money-was-no-object nonsense ones

Realistic option:

If-Money-Was-No-Object option:


A functioning door, a bed that isn’t broken, some decent curtains.


some kind of disappearance device


I was thinking about doing a thread about how pointless these bits of a door are:


Would you have been interested in posting in such a thread (hypothetically speaking of course)?


I want to own a Hollywood Hills Bojack house


apparently this is Bieber’s house


Realistic option:

Unrealistic option:


Weird how rich people don’t care about privacy in their houses innit


Guess it’s so constant pushing doesn’t wear down/discolour the wood




How fucking pathetic must wood be





He’s scored a few for Burnley this season to be far to him


It’s like a kick plate for your hands. A punch plate, if you will.


i’d really like a little boat. like the one from zelda wind waker. but with a bed downstairs and maybe a bit bigger. and that didn’t talk. i mean, i just want a little boat. nothing like the one from zelda.


I don’t even know what a kick plate is let alone a kick plate for your hands!


I mean I post in literally all threads so I don’t see why that’d be different.


Thats a fair point. I’ll get it made.


There’s a pongo sale on so might buy some cycling socks


It’s like that bit, but at the bottom of the door where you are likely to kick it…