"What do you want then?" - A thread about rampant consumerism

I’ve never considered those bits before, they’re even more pointless than the bit earlier

Don’t like shopping so order loads of second hand stuff online and hardly any of it fits, or is a bit crustier than the photos suggest. Been after a good chunky wool jumper. Bought about five so far, all no good.

Having a mare with underwear as well (new, obviously). Thankfully got some for Christmas.

Buying clothes online is for bellends basically.

I have accidentally ended up with the same version of three-pack H&M pants in all three available sizes and they’re on constant rotation. It’s a real lottery as to whether or not my pants will fall down or whatever every day of my life.

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Some of the holes in my boxers are so big my testicles occasionally catch. Got to sort that out really, but by about Thursday it’s an absolute lottery, aye.


That paint job is proper @meths there


They do a black “stealth” frame. In the sale but I think the smallest frame size is too big for me, ffs.


realistic option:

unrealistic option:
more wishes

Realistic: massive pizza

Unrealistic: house that I actually want to live in, can afford, and is in a location I wouldn’t hate living in.

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Or a dog

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Nothing stealth about that, it’s just black and a bit shiny

^can’t see what makes it stealthy.

That’s how stealthy it is

i didn’t call it that, it says stealth at the bottom you ninny

Realistic option
A new bike for the King’s Lynn end of my commute. Something that would withstand the occasional weekend run but I don’t need to go full bike-wanker. Got a bit of an aversion to drop handlebars but will make the switch if necessary

Brompton for the commute; bike wanker bike for leisure.

I quite want one of those google laptop to tv streamy things actually

i see your falcon and raise you a shield helicarrier

Nah, fuck that man. Don’t even now what it is and that’s a pitiful number of pieces comparatively

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I’m no ninny