what do you want

i’d quite like a grape fanta



Sex & drugs & rock’n’roll

A nap

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a medal

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When do you want it?

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Someone to finish the survey write up I’m doing

a Twister or a Feast

some new side plates in a colour that matches the rest of our dining stuff

the weekend

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

To lie down and not worry or have to do anything for a bit and just feel grass on my back and the sun on my face

This wasp to leave me alone, I even left it some smoothie on the ground as a diversion but it just wants mine

For work to be over because I fucking hate this

Inner peace

can someone go on my run for me? really cba today but i’m overdue

A big coffee and a massive slab of Ritter Sport

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Lots of things I will never have.

Also an extension

my ankle to heal ASAP

my friends to be allowed to visit end of September without any local lockdowns/national restrictions being brought in. and my pal’s wedding in November to go ahead ok